About Us

Nicarnica Aviation AS is based on a solid foundation of experienced management and technical professionals. We are a private limited company with Norsk Innovasjonskapital AS as the main investor, devoted to a long term and stable operation. Nicarnica Aviation is conveniently located in modern offices at Lysaker in Oslo, Norway, together with many other high tech domestic and international companies.

As a spin-off from the Norwegian Institute of Air Research (NILU), we build on a unique technology platform to develop advanced, reliable and cost efficient solutions for remotely detection of hazards mainly for the aviation industry. 

The team of R&D personnel at Nicarnica Aviation is among the most experienced professionals worldwide within optics, remote sensing, and software and algorithm design and development. The company’s core is strategically built on the human capital. We continuously encourage and develop our knowledge and experience, working closely together with our national and international partners and customers.

We are determined to provide the best possible solutions for the detection of airborne hazards in the atmosphere like Volcanic Ash, Clear Air Turbulence (CAT) and Ice Crystals on a distance up to 100 kilometres ahead of the aircraft. We are flexible and devoted to tailor our solution and services to the customer’s specific requirements. We have established an innovative organization and co-operation with strategic R&D partners. We are confident that we can offer the highest value at the most competitive cost.

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