About Nicarnica

Nicarnica Aviation AS is a Norwegian company developing infrared and ultraviolet remote sensing solutions.  We are specialists in the detection of volcanic ash from ground based and airborne sensors and are able to offer a number of solutions relating to volcanic hazards.  We also offer solutions for a range of applications for the improvement of airport safety and efficiency.  

Formed in 2010 as a spin off from the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU), we are a relatively young company with a small but highly skilled team of scientists and engineers.  Our cutting edge technologies are a result of the company focus on research and development enabling us to remain the leaders in the field.  Together with our partners and investors are we able to reach international markets and continue to improve and expand our solutions.

Meet the Team



Ove has a long engineering and international management background from technology companies and held various executive positions over the years. He has been based in USA and Asia and his background includes senior positions in R&D, project management, international sales and marketing and general management. He was with the Nera group of 10 years and his last position being CEO of Witelcom AS where he is a Board Member today.

Contact Ove for business matters.

FRED PRATA: Chief Technology Officer

Dr Fred Prata is an infrared remote sensing specialist and atmospheric scientist educated at Imperial College, London and Oxford University.  He is one of the founders of Nicarnica Aviation and is the inventor of the AVOID instrument.  Fred has published more than 100 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals.

Contact Fred for scientific and technical matters.


DAVID MORIANO: Senior Software Engineer

David is an specialist in data and algorithms. He has a background in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science. He has been working for Nicarnica Aviation since 2012 as Software Engineer and Data Analyst researching new algorithms and managing the software development for airborne and ground instruments. His expertise range from image processing, machine learning, modelling and calibration of thermal cameras. He is currently pursuing a MSc. on Computer Engineering.

Contact David with queries regarding software




PETTERI AHONEN: Research Engineer

Petteri is an optics, metrology and infrared technology specialist.  His expertise range from sensitive laboratory work to atmospheric and environmental remote sensing through to industrial temperature measurements in metallurgy.  He also has experience of project management and leadership in R&D.



Adrián is a software specialist, with a MSc. in Robotic Systems from the University of Southern Denmark and a BSc. in Electronics from the ULPGC in Spain. He is currently involved in the development of the ground based systems NicAIR II and EnviCam3, together with their deployment and support.

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