AVOID and NicAIR testing in Wuerzburg, Germany

Last week a team from Nicarnica Aviation took part in a collaborative experiment led by the Physikalisch Vulkanologisches Labor as a part of the Futurevolc consortium.  The experiment, led by Professor Bernd Zimanowski, involved shooting ash gathered from Eyjafjallajökull into the air using compressed air cannons.  Over 20 researchers were present from a number of different research institutions and instrumentation included high speed cameras, electromagnetic sensors, seismometers and radar.  The results of this integrated study will help to improve our understanding of signals from ash as it is erupted from volcanoes and how it behaves in the atmosphere.

These are the cannons used to shoot the ash into the air

These are the cannons used to shoot the ash into the air

The team from Nicarnica Aviation brought the AVOID instrument and NicAIR I to capture images of the ash as it exploded from the cannons and dispersed in the atmosphere.  We are currently processing the data and hope to have some results very soon…. watch this space!

Below is a video of one of the explosion experiments.

To find out more about the experiments, the University of Wuerzburg have published an excellent article here.