Introducing EnviCam 3: a ground-based, UV imaging system


 EnviCam 3 a brand new camera system for measuring SO2 gas emissions from volcanoes and industry.  It features dual UV cameras, a spectrometer an integrated computer and hard drive storage all housed inside the aluminium, weather resistant casing.  The instrument can be easily operated using a tablet computer which mounts to the side of the case.

How big is it?

EnviCam 3 is light and portable, with dimensions of 29 x 16.5 x 15.5 cm (excluding connectors).

How does it work?

Detection of SO2 gas using ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths is based on the fact that SO2 molecules absorb more radiation at 310 nm than they do at 330 nm.  For this reason, each of the EnviCam 3 cameras has a waveband filter in front of the lens, one at 310 nm and the other at 330 nm.  The difference in signal between the two cameras directly relates to the amount of SO2 in the image.  The inclusion of a UV spectrometer, which measures UV radiation reading the sensor at a range of wavelengths, provides additional information about the scene and aids calibration of the camera retrieval.

Is it difficult to operate?

We have specifically designed EnviCam 3 with the user in mind: EnviCam 3 is quick and easy to set up.  The system can be operated by a tablet or laptop computer using our specially designed interface.  Images can be viewed in real time and stored on the on board computer or an external USB drive.

Who uses it?

We have recently delivered one instrument to the Belgian REmote Sensing and In Situ detection and Tracking of geohazards (RESIST) project who are planning to use the camera to monitor volcanoes in the Virrgunga region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   A team from Nicarnica Aviation and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks will be taking another one of the instruments to Sakurajima Volcano, Japan in February 2015.

How can I get one?

Click here to download the EnviCam 3 brochure for more information.  

Contact us if you have any questions or are considering purchasing EnviCam 3.