Nicarnica Technology in the News

With the recent elevation in seismicity at Bárðarbunga and very real possibility of another Icelandic volcano erupting, the dangers of volcanic ash to aircraft have been making headline news.  The technology we are developing here at Nicarnica Aviation has been catching the interest of the media.  A selection of recent articles are linked below:


New Scientist: Tornado of hot gas caught emerging from fiery volcano

Science: As Iceland volcano rumbles, scientists plan for aviation alerts (or here for the hard copy version, pay-walled)

Flightglobal: How will volcanic ash be handled this time

Wired : Why volcanic ash is so hazardous to airplanes

MSN News: Nicarnica’s Dr Helen Thomas talks about the NicAIR II cameras that we have positioned in Iceland as part of the Futurevolc project.

Aftenposten (Norwegian): The design behind the NicAIR II instrment