Wolf Volcano, Galapagos

During the evening of the 24th May 215, seismicity around  Wolf Volcano on the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador began increasing and in the early hours of 25th May, an eruption began.  This is the first eruption at the volcano in 33 years.  The eruption has been producing lava flows, as well as an SO2 rich plume which has been estimated at between 10 and 15 km altitude.   The eruption was significant enough to warrant the Washington VAAC to issue advisories about the eruption.



This is the AIRS SO2 retrieval for 28/05/2015



Recent reports indicate that the eruption has decreased in intensity, but continues with some lava fountains.

Below are the retrievals from the AIRS sensor (on board NASA’s Terra satellite), which estimates a total SO2 loading of 0.1 -0.24 Tg.  The sensor did not detect any volcanic ash in the cloud.


airs_wolf_26052015 airs_wolf_27052015

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